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Most children feel the safest in their parents’ arms.  Why? Their parents give them a sense of security. They know that their parent will protect them from danger. They can sense their parents looking out for their needs. They don’t even have to ask their parents to do those things. Their parents do those things because they love them. Their parents do those things because they care for them. Their parents display those affections way before the child is able to realize their own emotions. There is just something about a parent and the life that they help create. They share a special bond. So when the child needs anything, that child will search for his parents. The child will call out mommy or daddy; I need this or help me. A good parent will always make sure that their child is safe as humanly possible. So don’t think it is strange when some people call on Jesus. His name is a strong tower.  Jesus is a strong tower that can’t be knocked down or destroyed.  Jesus is a strong tower that when you find safety in him, then you are truly safe. He will protect you and who can defeat you when you take up residency in his strong tower.  No one can destroy you! In your times of trouble, you should call upon his powerful name. Even when life is going well, you should call upon his name.

Proverbs 18:15

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe


Yeshua, we praise your name

Jesus, we praise your name

Yeshua, we are thankful that you allow us to call you Jesus

Yeshua, we are grateful that you accept the name Jesus

Yeshua, we are grateful that your name is all powerful

We are thankful that when we call on your name Jesus it still has authority over the enemy

Yeshua, you are great

Jesus, you are wonderful

We praise your name

It is a strong tower

Jesus, we praise your name

Yeshua, we praise your name

Yeshua/ Jesus, we love you

We pray for things in your name

We ask for things in your name

We are glad that your answer our prayers when we ask in your name Yeshua /Jesus

Holy Spirit Inspired /Lorenzo C Spencer





Jesus, Come See about Me

seeabout me

Photo By: Lorenzo C. Spencer

Sometimes, life can get you so bogged down physically, mentally, and emotionally, that the only thing you can say or think of is Jesus Come and See about me!

Jesus, I need your assistance. Help, help come and see about me. Your child needs your guidance and leadership. Lord, I am lost without you. I need your help, so please come see about me. I am in a special dilemma that only you can pull me out of. I see and hear what my natural senses are picking up on, but I somehow feel your perfect peace that surrounds me. Lord, I need you. I need you to show up and show out in my life right now. Jesus come on in and do what you do best. The enemy has already counted me out, but Jesus I am still in it. I shall win it and count it all victory as long as you are with me. Lord, please speak to me. Jesus, please come and see about me. Jesus, deliver me and destroy my enemies right before my face. Jesus, heal me in this place. Jesus, fill me with the Holy Spirit. I am in a bad situation. Jesus, this moment please come and see about me. Jesus, deliver me and fix everything for me. I am waiting on you Jesus. Jesus, I need an answer from you Jesus. Jesus, please come see about me.

We all need Jesus to come see about us, but the truth of the matter is Jesus is currently and has already been seeing about us. Jesus has already dispatched his Holy Angels to assist us and deliver us. It is just something about when we talk to him and when he responds directly or indirectly. Jesus, I know that you love me. Jesus, break any stronghold of the enemy whether spiritually or naturally. Jesus let your presence be with me.

Holy Spirit Inspired/ Lorenzo C Spencer

God is Working It Out


Photo: by Lorenzo C Spencer

You know that God is working on you when you feel different about life unfortunate mishaps. When you used to get upset and frustrated, but now you can stay calm during those situations. You might even be able to smile. What is it? God is doing or has done an operation on the inside of you. God has taken you to another level. This level is available to all who apply the word of God to their life. You might not even know it. When you apply the word of God to your life, you begin to change. People around you will notice it. It works the same way with faith. It is funny but I think people worry about me more than myself. I just trust God. Sometimes life comes at me hard too, but I have to fight even harder with the word of God to regain my composure.  This is one of the reasons that I like to praise him.

Praise HIM

Lord thank you for today

Lord thank you for being my strength

Lord thank you for guiding me

Lord thank you for leading me

Lord thank you for helping me keep the faith

Even though I can’t see it with my natural eyes

Lord thank you for calming my spirit

Lord thank you for encouraging my soul

I believe it is going to happen for me

Even though I can’t physical see

My flesh don’t understand it

But my spiritual man rejoices

I praise the Lord

In the mist of the battles and storms

Because Jesus is my way out

I feel a praise coming on


Every time the Holy Spirit speaks to my spirit

Everything is working together for my good

Praise the Lord

He is always worthy of my praise

Hebrew 11:1 (NIV)

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Holy Spirit Inspired / Lorenzo C Spencer

Self-Confidence powered by Jesus


Photo By: Lorenzo C. Spencer

There is a self-confidence powered by self. There is another self-confidence powered by Jesus. We have to exercise Godly Wisdom. A person should not think too much of one’s own abilities by himself or herself. We can’t even breathe on our own. For some people, this is hard to believe. They think that they do. It is not what I think of myself. The question becomes what does Jesus think of me? I am not saying you shouldn’t have self-confidence because you should. You should have self-confidence within yourself powered by Jesus. If we leave everything to ourselves, then our thoughts and opinions by themselves left alone may get misconstrued or confused. This type of self-confidence will destroy us. On the other hand, the self-confidence powered by Jesus will uplift us. It adds value to our life because we are provided with guidance from the Holy Spirit.



Lord give me self-confidence powered by you Jesus

In Jesus Name


Holy Spirit Inspired/ Lorenzo C Spencer

My Morning Shall Come


Photo By: Lorenzo C Spencer

My Morning Shall Come!

You must look beyond your current situation, and you should start praising God right now. I know that it might look like you are not overcoming your current situation but you are. Jesus has already made a way for you to escape. You must trust and believe in his answer.  Most of us know that faith without works is dead. Are you listening? Are you moving in God’s Will for your life? I know that we might get frustrated because we sometimes can’t see how things are working out in our life for our good. Believe me when I say that, “it is” because God is sending angels and sending people your way to help you out. Your situation might be painful right now or hurtful right now but the joy of the Lord comes in the morning. Pray and Praise God until your morning comes! Believe in Jesus that your morning will come and it will come. Your morning might be instant. Your morning might be right now. Your morning might be later, but it will come.

Jesus I praise you because

You are my strength

You are my light

Jesus I praise you

Even though things don’t seem to be working out for me right now

I praise you

Because you have sent people and angels to assist and help me out

You are orchestrating miracles on my behalf

Jesus I praise you

Jesus I praise you

Because I don’t have to be consume with the troubles of this life forever

Jesus I praise you

Because you are uplifting my burdens right now

Jesus I praise you

Because you are destroying yokes on my behalf right now

Jesus I will praise you through my storm

I will praise you when I am out of my storm

Jesus I praise you

Because I know that you are the true light

So as long as I pray and praise you

My morning shall come

Psalm 30:5

For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may stay for the night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Holy Spirit Inspired / Lorenzo C Spencer

Let Go and Let God!

I Paise Him

Photo by: Lorenzo C. Spencer

Let Go and let God!

Sometimes, the hardest thing you can do is letting go. Some people want to hold onto things that mean them no good. When your eyes are closed, you can’t see that some things are harmful to you. You might want to let go but just don’t know how to let go. If you are trying to let go on your own, you will never get there. You need some assistance. Any old assistance won’t work. You need help from Jesus. Jesus can help you remove anything that is weighing you down. Jesus can remove that deep down hurt and frustration. Jesus can take the liquor taste out of your mouth. Jesus can remove that desire for sin out of your mind and thoughts. Jesus can heal your broken heart. Jesus can fix any issues and problems that you have been struggling with for years. All you have to do is let go and let God. It might not feel good at first, but I can assure you of this one thing. Eventually all shall get better with time and with Jesus!



Jesus I love you

Jesus I repent

Jesus today I let go

I am letting you help me

I am giving it to you Lord

Lord remove any desires that are not of you

Remake me O Lord

Lord remove any old hurt or pain

Lord give me the strength to let go

Lord give me the strength to move forward in your word

Jesus refill this empty hole in my heart

From any sin or from anything that anyone did bad to hurt me

Replace it with your love

Jesus I let go

I am letting you fight for me now on


Ephesians 1:18 (NIV)

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,

Act 26:18 (KJV)

To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

Holy Spirit Inspired / Lorenzo C Spencer

There is Hope!


Photo by: Lorenzo C Spencer

There is hope. Even when it may seem like all hope is gone, you have to remember. God gives hope to the hopeless. God restore and renew his people daily. You should speak life into your situation right now. Someone might have just asked the question how I can speak life into my dead situation. You can by declaring those positive words which are found in the word of God over your situation or life. You might be in the middle of an ocean without a life jacket right now. It might be true, but if you stop trying then you have already lost. You will drown the moment that you stop trying.  Speaking life into your situation or life is the equivalent of you swimming. You must have a mindset that you can reach land even though it may not be too realistic in the natural. You must know that your situation or life shall get better even though you can’t see it getting better in the natural. Our God doesn’t operate in the natural in the way that we do. He is supernatural. God will never leave you stranded in the ocean without a life jacket or a way for you to make it safely back to land. There is hope for the ones who believe. There is hope for the ones who call upon the name above all names. Jesus is hope. Jesus is our hope in our most despairing moments as well as in our happiest moments in life.


Lord my hope is fading away fast

Lord give me hope

Lord replace my hopelessness with hope

Lord don’t let my hope fade away

Lord I pray that I never will lose hope

Hope in you

Hope in your power

Hope in your word

Hope in the promises that you spoke over my life

Jesus I need you

Because of you Lord

I know things are changing in my life for my good as I pray right now

I know things are changing in my favor as I pray right now

Lord I thank you in advance for increasing my hope right now as I pray

In your Name Jesus



Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

For I know the plans I have for you. declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.