There is no delays in God’s Plans

Joseph’s life met delays and hardships. He was forgotten about in prison by people he had helped. How many times have you been forgotten about after helping someone you know? Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. How many of us have been mistreated by our own family members. Joseph might have thought God’s plan for his life wasn’t going to come true, after 13 years of being in Potiphar’s house and in prison. Yet instill, God’s perfect plan for his life worked out for Joseph’s benefit. God don’t deal in delays because time is all under his authority.


Words for 2014


Minor delays are just delays

Always keep the faith

Continue to pray

If God is in it

Then there is no need to worry

Soon or later, it will be your time

The key is to ask God

For a peace of mind

If you find yourself

Always getting blocked with delays

Continue to pray

Ask God if that is what he wants you to do

God will help you understand

Are you pursuing your plan or God’s plan?

If you are following your plan

You should comprehend

Why your life continue to be stopped by delays

Stop now, and start working on God’s plan

For your life

When you are in his perfect will, delays are alright

  By: Lorenzo C. Spencer


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