There is Hope!


Photo by: Lorenzo C Spencer

There is hope. Even when it may seem like all hope is gone, you have to remember. God gives hope to the hopeless. God restore and renew his people daily. You should speak life into your situation right now. Someone might have just asked the question how I can speak life into my dead situation. You can by declaring those positive words which are found in the word of God over your situation or life. You might be in the middle of an ocean without a life jacket right now. It might be true, but if you stop trying then you have already lost. You will drown the moment that you stop trying.  Speaking life into your situation or life is the equivalent of you swimming. You must have a mindset that you can reach land even though it may not be too realistic in the natural. You must know that your situation or life shall get better even though you can’t see it getting better in the natural. Our God doesn’t operate in the natural in the way that we do. He is supernatural. God will never leave you stranded in the ocean without a life jacket or a way for you to make it safely back to land. There is hope for the ones who believe. There is hope for the ones who call upon the name above all names. Jesus is hope. Jesus is our hope in our most despairing moments as well as in our happiest moments in life.


Lord my hope is fading away fast

Lord give me hope

Lord replace my hopelessness with hope

Lord don’t let my hope fade away

Lord I pray that I never will lose hope

Hope in you

Hope in your power

Hope in your word

Hope in the promises that you spoke over my life

Jesus I need you

Because of you Lord

I know things are changing in my life for my good as I pray right now

I know things are changing in my favor as I pray right now

Lord I thank you in advance for increasing my hope right now as I pray

In your Name Jesus



Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

For I know the plans I have for you. declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.