My Morning Shall Come


Photo By: Lorenzo C Spencer

My Morning Shall Come!

You must look beyond your current situation, and you should start praising God right now. I know that it might look like you are not overcoming your current situation but you are. Jesus has already made a way for you to escape. You must trust and believe in his answer.  Most of us know that faith without works is dead. Are you listening? Are you moving in God’s Will for your life? I know that we might get frustrated because we sometimes can’t see how things are working out in our life for our good. Believe me when I say that, “it is” because God is sending angels and sending people your way to help you out. Your situation might be painful right now or hurtful right now but the joy of the Lord comes in the morning. Pray and Praise God until your morning comes! Believe in Jesus that your morning will come and it will come. Your morning might be instant. Your morning might be right now. Your morning might be later, but it will come.

Jesus I praise you because

You are my strength

You are my light

Jesus I praise you

Even though things don’t seem to be working out for me right now

I praise you

Because you have sent people and angels to assist and help me out

You are orchestrating miracles on my behalf

Jesus I praise you

Jesus I praise you

Because I don’t have to be consume with the troubles of this life forever

Jesus I praise you

Because you are uplifting my burdens right now

Jesus I praise you

Because you are destroying yokes on my behalf right now

Jesus I will praise you through my storm

I will praise you when I am out of my storm

Jesus I praise you

Because I know that you are the true light

So as long as I pray and praise you

My morning shall come

Psalm 30:5

For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may stay for the night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Holy Spirit Inspired / Lorenzo C Spencer