Jesus, Come See about Me

seeabout me

Photo By: Lorenzo C. Spencer

Sometimes, life can get you so bogged down physically, mentally, and emotionally, that the only thing you can say or think of is Jesus Come and See about me!

Jesus, I need your assistance. Help, help come and see about me. Your child needs your guidance and leadership. Lord, I am lost without you. I need your help, so please come see about me. I am in a special dilemma that only you can pull me out of. I see and hear what my natural senses are picking up on, but I somehow feel your perfect peace that surrounds me. Lord, I need you. I need you to show up and show out in my life right now. Jesus come on in and do what you do best. The enemy has already counted me out, but Jesus I am still in it. I shall win it and count it all victory as long as you are with me. Lord, please speak to me. Jesus, please come and see about me. Jesus, deliver me and destroy my enemies right before my face. Jesus, heal me in this place. Jesus, fill me with the Holy Spirit. I am in a bad situation. Jesus, this moment please come and see about me. Jesus, deliver me and fix everything for me. I am waiting on you Jesus. Jesus, I need an answer from you Jesus. Jesus, please come see about me.

We all need Jesus to come see about us, but the truth of the matter is Jesus is currently and has already been seeing about us. Jesus has already dispatched his Holy Angels to assist us and deliver us. It is just something about when we talk to him and when he responds directly or indirectly. Jesus, I know that you love me. Jesus, break any stronghold of the enemy whether spiritually or naturally. Jesus let your presence be with me.

Holy Spirit Inspired/ Lorenzo C Spencer


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